If you think this is crazy ...

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By John Pawlak

 Over the past 20 years, more than 300,000 people have died from alcohol-related driving accidents.  
Did you see politicians passing laws to allow “concealed bottles of rum” carry licenses?  Do you remember all the arguments claiming that more alcohol will reduce drunk driving?
 Of course not.  That would be moronic.
 Speaking of morons, NRA Chief Wayne LaPompous is shooting his mouth off again.  He and other “geniuses” think the solution to school shootings is to convert public schools to firearm depots.  
Arm all the teachers with guns.  Patrol the hallways with a few mercenaries. Have a couple Humvees equipped with Browning .50 cal machine guns ride protective circles around the school play grounds.
 Fight guns with guns! Bullets with bullets! You can have my Barrett REC7 M4 5.56 NATO assault rifle when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!
 And the LaWackos out there proudly yell, “If you think this is crazy, well then, call me crazy!”
 Okay. But why stop there? Wayne, you’re stupid too!
The Newtown Elementary School massacre has reignited the gun control debate and both sides are armed to the teeth with senseless rhetoric, contrived statistics and high capacity misrepresentations of the facts.
LaStupid claims that an armed guard in Newtown would have prevented the shootings.  
He conveniently ignores the fact that Columbine High School  had an armed sheriff’s deputy at the school.  Twelve students and one teacher were murdered.
 The problem with listening to mental defectives like LaMoron and his “shoot first ask questions later” minions is that they detract the debate from the real issue.
 The problem is — people are using guns to murder people.
 Before you shake your head, either agreeing or disagreeing with me, you should first realize that I happen to like owning guns. They’re fun to shoot and I think sensible law abiding citizens should be allowed to own firearms.
 The trick is, how do you define “sensible?” Do you want the chief of “No Responsibility Attached” being the guy who defines it?
 Why would a sensible person argue against imposing more control on the access, sale, or purchase of firearms? It takes longer to adopt a dog than it does to buy a gun.
LaFearmonger played the fear card, claiming the problem was the “monsters” roaming our streets.  
He equated mental illness to a constitutional mandate that everyone should be packing a gun.
The real monsters are the people who use these senseless killings to achieve their own political agendas.
Look, let’s not pretend that guns don’t enable mass killings. What does it say about our country when it takes less time to buy a gun than to vote?  
How sane is it that you need to show ID to buy Sudafed at the pharmacy, but you can purchase unlimited amounts of ammunition over the internet without any identification?
Our society is looking down the barrel of stupidity, and what do we argue about? The size of clips? Folding stocks?  
 Banning hollow point bullets and large calibers are political band-aids. Recall that President Reagan was shot with a 22 from a six-shot revolver.
 But LaMouth would have us arming concession stands in movie theaters. Arm bus drivers. Arm day care centers. Arm nursing homes. Where does it end?
 We know where it ends.
 There are now more firearms owned by civilians than there are people in America. There are more gun dealers in America than McDonalds.
 Owning a gun does not turn you into a mass murderer any more than owning a fork is responsible for you gaining weight. But a gun in the hands of an irresponsible person is like a drunk on the highway. It’s an inevitable path to disaster.
 More guns is not the answer.
 So what is the solution? Okay, I admit it. I don’t know.
 But what I do know is that listening to political hacks like LaHalfwit won’t get us there.
 We need reasonable people taking aim at reasonable solutions.
 Jef Johnson, a clown touring with Cirque du Soleil, remarked, “I suggest putting a teacher into every gun store.” Maybe Jef was just clowning around, but I think he hit the target dead center.