If it ain’t broke people

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If my tax dollars paid for someone to come up with the lame brained idea of reducing Trinity Drive to two lanes, I want my money back.
I have lived in Los Alamos for almost 31 one years. I’ve driven Trinity Drive tens of thousands of times at all times of day and night. I’ve never had a problem.
Sure, traffic slows and all lanes are used at peak times but it’s to be expected and isn’t a problem (except for the “Type A”s that think they have to be in such a hurry).
It has been mentioned in this column that Trinity should be changed because of “accidents.” First, let’s get one thing straight. There is no such thing as a traffic “accident.” They are Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) and they are not caused by Trinity Drive. They are caused by bad drivers. Just using the word “accident” makes crashes sound trivial and suggests no one was at fault. “It was just an accident.”
Trinity Drive does not cause vehicles to crash into each other, bad drivers do. Trinity Drive does not cause pedestrians to walk out in front of moving vehicles. Pedestrians do that themselves.
Rather than spending millions and millions of our hard earned tax dollars to fix a road that is not to blame, lets fix the drivers. We can do that by laws that make it financially undesirable for drivers to drive badly (much higher fines for those at fault, mandatory defensive driver classes, etc.)
As far as making room for bicyclists, there is a much simpler, and much less expensive solution for that. But that is another story (which is available upon request).
Los Alamos County has a habit of spending millions of dollars fixing things that ain’t broke. Some (including myself) say they have a history of spending millions of our tax dollars building monuments to themselves. What do you think?
Trinity Drive ain’t broke! Don’t “fix” it, maintain it.

R D Little
Los Alamos

On target

Trinity Drive is not only "not broken", but far better suited to its main purposes than the roadway envisioned in the proposed changes.

Some of the Los Alamos County citizens and Councilors, with support of a MIG, Inc. Study, are advocating huge changes to NM502. They have a set of "reasons" why this is a terrific idea. I urge citizens of Los Alamos to pay attention to these plans (2 thru-traffic lanes plus 9 roundabouts on Trinity and East Road), and to think about some of the disadvantages and adverse consequences of the plan. Please take a look at the NM502 information on my website at www.wcmead.org

William Mead