House of Hope volunteers share their experiences

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By Special to the Monitor

The House of Hope Women from Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church invites everyone — men, women and youth — to a light supper at 5 p.m. Saturday in Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, 3900 Trinity Drive, to talk about their home building trips to Juárez, Mexico.
Many in the community have supported their mission trips over the last six years and have voiced that theya, too, might be interested in a home building mission trip.  
They would like to share with the community what they have experienced on those trips. They have been God-filled missions with their neighbors to the south.
Their hope is that, once the public hears about the experience, how needed the work is, and that mission work is safely and successfully still being accomplished, they will feel called to become part of a mission team.
Juárez has been portrayed as a violent, drug-filled city with cartels battling it out daily to achieve dominance over one another. HOH women do not deny that mission work to Juárez, or anywhere, has inherent risks.
They do know, however, that they have successfully completed six trips — two of which have been since the insurgence of violence became a media free-for-all.
They also know of other mission teams that have completed safe and fulfilling mission work.  
On their trips they have witnessed hard-working Christian families living day-to-day in poverty.
For these families, a new home is the dream of a lifetime. A new home will change their families’ lives forever.