Hostages on Canyon Road

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Next summer will shift the misery of east Canyon Road and Myrtle Street to the next set of hostages west of Ninth Street. This summer the closure of east Canyon Road has been an annoying inconvenience for those of us who live on Pine, Quartz, Rim, Nugget, 11th Street, Opal, and Sage Loop.
It is unconscionable the ordeal the county has imposed on the people who live directly on Canyon Road and Myrtle, where the construction is taking place, as well as the feeder streets of Manhattan Loop, First, Second, Third and Fourth Streets. Residents in the entire neighborhood have suffered not just vehicular access but pedestrian access as well.
How can such an important street be left torn up for four months and only in the fifth month begin to get put back together? Residents along east Canyon Road and Myrtle have endured driveway blockages, dust, noise, and mud for the entire summer. Canyon Road between Ninth and 15th streets is next, and we’re not looking forward to it.
It would be nice if someone in authority could explain to Los Alamos residents the contracting process that starts a project and then essentially abandons it until the contractual deadline looms.
Residents have seen this happen all too often, such as when west Canyon Road was closed for more than a year, and the five-year reconstruction nightmare of Diamond Drive.
Is there a way to write a contract that provides incentives to finish early? What is there about the contracting process that makes it impossible to hold the contractor’s toes to the fire? Is this the price we have to pay for accepting the lowest bid?
Dorothy Amsden
Los  Alamos