Hospital staff the best

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

You will rarely find me expressing my personal opinions in a letter to the editor – but today I feel I must.

Improving quality of care, patient safety, customer service and registration wait times and ease of scheduling is my priority. For example, regular wait times improved by more than an average seven minutes, even with increased volumes, in the past year. I acknowledge that potential for more improvement remains. I am personally and professionally committed to continuing to improve in all areas again in 2009.

With this being said/acknowledged, below please find my reason for writing to you today:

1) I am proud of the LAMC staff, their accomplishments and commitment to our community. They work hard to make this a great hospital for you.

2) I am proud to work with a staff who has a “heart for people” and specifically, in the case of Halloween decorations, a “heart for children.” While the hospital did provide a small sum of money to several of its departments (primarily used for candy and decorations), the staff themselves spent hours of their personal time and efforts, as well as their own hard-earned dollars, to provide the children of our community a safe “trick-or-treat” environment and a happy time.

3) In 2007, the LAMC staff donated hundreds of hours of their personal time volunteering in our community. In addition, they give thousands of dollars to help those in need in northern New Mexico. LAMC itself donates tens of thousands of dollars to support community organizations – in addition to what we also provide in actual charity health care.

4) Many of my staff were hurt and upset when they felt that their intended good deeds were labeled as “The Bad of Los Alamos.” I am saddened by this – it is neither right nor an accurate portrayal of them.

5) I am so glad to live in a country where our founders believed that all men (and women) are created equal and we try to live up to this. I am glad that we all have the right to express our own opinions. My opinion? Here it is – plain and simple: What a great hospital staff and physicians we have here in Los Alamos. I think we should be glad they choose to do what they do and choose to work in our hospital and serve our community.

I stand behind them and beside them. I am heartened by their talent and devotion to others. I am proud of them every day!