Hopkins to discuss Cold War

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John C. Hopkins, former associate director for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s nuclear weapons program, will give his perspective on the Laboratory during the Cold War years in the next 70th anniversary lecture at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Bradbury Science Museum.

“I believe that the teams at Los Alamos, Livermore and Sandia and the entire nuclear weapons complex, deserve a resounding ‘well done’ for their contributions to world peace,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins will discuss the role of and rationale for nuclear weapons from the Manhattan Project in the 1940s to the last nuclear test in Nevada in 1992. The talk will include nuclear weapons strategy and policy, the “golden age of weapons design” and major nuclear weapons technological breakthroughs. Hopkins also will talk about the future of nuclear weapons development and stockpile stewardship, and how these tasks can be completed without nuclear testing.

The national laboratories played a crucial role, Hopkins said, in keeping peace during the Cold War, and contributed significantly to the fact there has not been a major war in 68 years.

“The laboratory’s Cold War years are underrepresented in the museum,” said Bradbury Science Museum Director Linda Deck.