Hollywood comes to Los Alamos High School

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Trucks and trailers pack the parking lot as filming for “Let Me In” begins

By The Staff

The movie “Let Me In,” a contemporary vampire tale set in 1983, is filming at Los Alamos High School. The film is based on the highly acclaimed Swedish film, “Lat den Ratte Komma In,” also known as “Let the Right One In.”  


Written for the screen and directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), “Let Me In” stars Oscar-nominee Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers, The Visitor, Burn After Reading) along with up and coming child actors Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) and Chloe Moretz (The Eye, (500) Days of Summer”).

Los Alamos County has granted a special request from the film’s director and producer to name the town in the movie “Los Alamos, New Mexico.”  

The Los Alamos Police Department is lending the 80’s-version uniforms and police cars for use in the film.  

According to the most updated schedule, filming days are set to run through Dec. 22, breaking for the winter holiday from Dec. 23 through Jan. 3 and resuming filming Jan. 4 through mid- to late-January.  

Filming dates occur on weekdays only. Minors participating in the film are restricted to eight-hour days, with mandatory three-hour study time.  

More than 100 Los Alamos teens have been cast as extras in the film and have been invited to participate as needed at Los Alamos locations through Dec. 22, as well as in an ice skating scene in Red River Jan. 7-8.  

Los Alamos area filming locations include LAHS, Los Alamos Middle School, part of Bayo Canyon and the tunnel near the roundabout between North and Barranca mesas as well as the road leading from the Main Line Road to the wastewater treatment plant.  

Film trailers, trucks and vehicles are based at the Sullivan Field parking lot, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church parking lot and the Los Alamos Golf Club parking lot.  

During weekends and holidays, vehicles belonging to the production crew will vacate the base camp, but the larger trailers and trucks will remain.  

Los Alamos County’s traffic, facilities, pavement, solid waste, police and golf course are rising to the call for services to keep traffic and operations moving as smoothly as possible during filming.