Holiday safety

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The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center (NMPDIC) recommends the following holiday tips to protect our family, friends and neighbors from a potential poisoning:
Food Preparation
and Alcohol
• Wash hands well with warm water and soap before and after food preparation, especially raw meat/eggs
• Wash utensils, containers, counter tops and cutting boards well before and after food preparation.
• Use separate cutting boards for meat products.
• Cook all meats to the recommended internal temperature.
• Refrigerate all perishable items no more than two hours after a meal.
• Avoid storing raw meat above prepared food as contaminated fluid may drip or seep.  
• Keep all alcoholic beverages out of the reach of children and beware of unfinished alcoholic beverages—as little as 3 oz. of hard liquor can be fatal to a child weighing 25 pounds.
Holiday decorations
• Angel Hair is made up of spun glass which can severely irritate the eyes and mouth, causing a lot of pain.
• Snow spray can cause severe damage if sprayed directly into eye.
• Do not ingest the liquid in snow globes as harmful bacteria can accumulate.
• Keep all substances containing hydrocarbons, such as oil candle lamps, out of the reach of children; these products are extremely dangerous and can cause severe respiratory problems or may lead to death.
• Beware of fireplace powders and logs that burn different colors as they contain heavy metals—symptoms include severe stomach pain and intestinal irritation.
Call NMPDIC at 1-800-222-1222 for any questions or poison emergencies.