Hitting the nail on the head

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As always John Bartlit “hit the nail right on the head” with his usual completely scientifically factual and therefore honestly presented article entitled:
Key to fracking is tell-tale data, Los Alamos edition that was published Thursday.
As LANL’s conscientious and highly trained water-treatment/pollution, waste-disposal and associated analytical chemists, geologists contractors etc. have known so well for the past 70+ years, the use of harmless chemical  tracers that reveal pathways of pollutants in air, water, the body and food chains are vital to ensuring their sources can be located and prevented from further contamination. Their efforts although mainly satisfactory are never complete and are amongst the most important continuing scientific challenges at the lab.
Returning to John’s specific discussion about the need for such date from the proposed fracking and oil-shale operations in New York State, once again we are up against the “commercial gorilla in the room” who is thinking only in terms of short-term energy supply and financial gain.
 The promised energy supply will eventually run out and the beautiful State of New York will almost certainly be saddled with vast shale-mined wastelands and possibly severely damaged underground water supply too. I would recommend that they read:- Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn’t Seem to Care) by William Marsden.
Like all of us our fellow New York citizens would be STRONGLY advised to seriously consider truly long-term, (way beyond 30 short years) and sustainable energy supplies.
They should also reconsider how much energy they actually need as opposed to want.
Even though their State does not get as much nice free solar-energy from the sun as we do in NM it is well set to get sustainable energy supplies from bio-fuels, numerous solar sources, hydroelectrically, wind and tide generators etc. and similar resources from less densely populated neighboring states.
Gerald B. Ansell
Los Alamos