History of elections

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In the election campaign, I am hearing a lot of ignorance about the history of our nation. I counter that with the following facts (which you can find in any history book published prior to the 1960s).
The states established the federal government with limited powers (not the other way around).
2. We are a nation based on Biblical values and thus are blessed by the Lord God (hence, our national motto: “In God We Trust,” our national pledge of allegiance to “one nation under God.” And our declaration of “God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” equally for all citizens.
3. The establishment of the federal government was essentially to protect the states so that all citizens could be free to make something of ourselves with God’s help (not to enslave us by making us dependent on and accountable to the federal government for everything).
4. Anything the federal government provides comes with increased government control. We are at the brink of becoming a socialistic third-world county under President Obama. World history shows clearly that, in socialism, there is neither equality nor freedom: a small ruling group gains power while all other citizens become slaves to them: the common citizens have to report to the oppressive government regularly about their activities, report where they have moved, even ask permission to have guests in their home, etc.
5. In the past, when we Americans have discovered that we were going in the wrong direction, we’ve prayed to God for His wisdom, turned back to where we took the wrong turn and have gotten back to the road to the values that made America great (e.g. citizens’ prayers and the ensuing civil war resulted in the abolition of slavery. I pray that you, as a responsible citizen, know where candidates stand on the issues, are doing No. 5 above and will vote intelligently Nov. 6.
Lucille Bonner
Los Alamos