High Flyers win state championships

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By The Staff

Five High Flyers gymnasts won state championship titles and 11 others placed either second or third in the New Mexico USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Championships this month. The five first place winners included Lauren Evenhus, Level 2 uneven bars, floor exercise and all-around champion, River Irving, Level 3 vault champion, Anna Kirkland, Level 4 vault champion, Gianna Rolfe, Level 2 vault champion, and Siena Rolfe, Level 5 balance beam champion. In total, 34 gymnasts competed for High Flyers in the March state championships in Levels 2 through 6. Competing in Level 6, Gianna Benelli won third place on floor exercise. Sarah Worley placed fifth on floor exercise and seventh all-around.

In Level 5 competition, Siena Rolfe placed second on uneven bars and was second all-around, Sarah Newman took second on balance beam, and Megan Martinez placed third on vault, balance beam, floor exercise, and all-around.  

Elaina Irving placed fourth on balance beam and was fifth all-around, while Emily Smith finished in sixth place.

Four gymnasts competed in the Level 4 championships. In addition to her first place win on vault, Anna Kirkland placed second on balance beam, third on uneven bars, and was second all-around. Mairen Hoch placed third on vault.  

Isabelle Gill placed fifth all-around. Kiara Thornton had a season high score of 34.45 and placed eighth all-around.

In the Level 3 state championships, Elena Gallegos place second on uneven bars while in the younger age division, sister Mia Gallegos also placed second on bars and third on vault and floor exercise. River Irving placed second on floor exercise, and Elizabeth Tafoya placed third on vault.  

Eleven first-year competitors from High Flyers competed in the Level 2 championships. In the 7-year-old division, Lauren Evenhus placed first, Cora Perkins, second, and Gianna Rolfe third all-around. Lauren Evenhus also placed first on uneven bars and floor exercise, second on vault, and third on balance beam. Cora Perkins placed second on uneven bars, and Gianna Rolfe placed second on balance beam and floor exercise. 

Toby Gelfand placed second on vault, third on uneven bars and balance beam, and fourth all-around, while Maya Seets placed third on uneven bars. Ciara Colgan placed fourth in every event and fourth all-around. 

Sony Pakin placed sixth all-around. Emily Dolence, recovering from the flu, took home fourth place on vault and was eighth all-around. Abigail Campbell and Caterina Mereghetti both finished in eighth place in separate age divisions. Vivian Sintay competed out-of-season and received an all-around score of 35.175.