Hidden charges?

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Beware Smith’s customers. If you use your points to buy gasoline and use a credit card you will be charged a $1 fee. As far as I know there was no notice given either from Smith’s or from the various gas stations. So you have to decide if it is worth being charged an extra fee for using your points to buy gasoline or use your points to get a money coupon to reduce your cost of groceries.
Granted a $1 fee may seem unimportant. It is just another way Smith’s is taking advantage of customers. Since they are the only grocery store in town, they already have us at a disadvantage.
Who knows what hidden charges are in store for  us when the new Smith’s gas station opens up on Trinity?
Roberta Marinuzzi
Los Alamos

No extra charge for me either

I didn't see an extra charge either. My guess is that one of two things happened to Ms. Marinuzzi. Either she used a debit card or an ATM card and got charged a fee for that, or there was an authorization hold for $1 put on her account. This is commonly done to authorize the card, but the $1 hold is never actually charged to the card.

Didn't see a $1 charge

I recently filled-up at the Shell at Arkansas & Diamond. I used my Smith's customer card to get a discount of $0.20 per gallon. I checked the amount charged at the pump versus the discounted price per gallon and gallons dispensed. There was no extra $1 charge. I watched my credit card (Discover) statement and it matched the receipt I obtained at the pump. As far as I can tell there is no extra $1 charge. I'm not sure how Ms. Marinuzzi determined that she was charged a $1 fee.

Brett Kettering
Los Alamos