Here we go again!

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

We had the civic center and the amphitheater in Overlook Park and the moving of the dump there to the unhappily titled “Convenience Center.”

Once again, unhappiness comes to the fore in the question of the location of the skate park.

Disgruntled folk who live nearby, the boards of the Library and Senior Center that will be proximate, and folks already grown cynical about the way the county leadership operates are unhappy once again.

The recent, aborted Planning and Zoning meeting (to a packed house reportedly -something unusual for a P and Z meeting) may only generate further cynicism.

I’m not directly affected, but I am concerned. What value does county administration place on the views of folks who are directly touched by their decisions? Is there a real tension between the discretion of county leaders and the service folks think should be provided in their community?

It strikes me that though administration (correctly) has worked hard to improve its internal processes, we continue to have issues around relating to (and listening to) county residents before proposals are set in stone.

It would be useful to reexamine accountability procedures toward the community or we’ll continue to have the kind of ill feelings that appear to be being generated by the processes now in place.

Robert A. Nunz

White Rock