Helping parents to stay sane

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By Kirsten Laskey

Parenting never seems like an easy task; there appear to be many opportunities for your hair to bristle, but there is an alternative to pulling it out by the roots.

Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church and Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church are sponsoring two parenting classes, titled “Parenting in the 21st Century: A Perspective on Sanity in a Crazy World.”

The first class, which will be geared towards parents who have infants and toddlers, will be held from 6-8 p.m. June 11 at Trinity on the Hill. The second class, which will address parents of middle school and high school teenagers, will be held from 6-8 p.m. July 16 at Bethlehem Lutheran.

The cost for one class is $10 per person. The fee for both classes will be $15 per person. Childcare will be provided and dinner will be served for families.

The first class, vestry member Kandice Favorite said, “is going to cover how to create a safe world for your children. It will give parenting tools to establish effective boundaries and there will be a forum to discuss particular parenting issues.”

The second class will be geared toward adolescents because “I think with that age comes a whole new set of problems,” Favorite said.

Teens’ hormones are raging, and they are exposed to smoking and drinking alcohol.

As the facilitator of the classes, psychologist Bob Stice will show parents how to deal with these problems. “He has a very strong background working with families ee he also is a psychologist for the diocese of the Rio Grande,” Favorite said.

As a result of his background with family therapy, she said, Stice will offer up tips and guidance on what parents should and should not do.

These classes should be helpful for the local community. Favorite said it seems lot of adults are away from their own parents, so they don’t have someone to turn to for advice. The classes offer them an opportunity to met with other parents and get advice.

Everyone, not just members of the two churches, are welcome to participate.

To register, e-mail to KingCL@latoth.org. There is no deadline to register, but Favorite said people are encouraged to register before the day of the class.

For more information, call Trinity on the Hill at 662-5107.