Helping the community naturally

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Many people have heard of the Los Alamos High School Natural helpers, yet few know the role that they play among the student body and in the community.
The Natural Helpers of Los Alamos High School are students whom others “naturally” trust for advice on personal matters.
They are chosen at the beginning of each year through a survey allowing students to write down the peers that they confide in most. If a student receives at least five recommendations, they are invited to join NH.
The group then goes on a retreat to learn more about helping others. This year’s LAHS Natural Helpers’ retreat was in late November.
Some of the covered topics included becoming aware of warning signs to look for in their peers’ behavior, understanding the point at which it becomes out of one’s hands, and knowing what to advise in tough situations.
Claire Garnett, a member of NH said, “I really enjoyed participating in the Natural Helpers’ retreat, because I was able to grow close to people that otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet while learning how to serve others.”
Mirelle Naud said she would like to have the group attend more workshops to reinforce the points that they have learned.
Following the retreat, meetings to discuss upcoming events and to brainstorm were every two weeks on Tuesday.
In addition to helping their peers, the Natural Helpers also help in the community. This year they donated dresses to the senior center for a “Senior Prom,” volunteered at Empty Bowls and hosted an LAHS De-Stress week, to name a few activities.
A smaller event, Hug-A-Helper and Get a Kiss, was on Valentines’ Day where the saying, “The hugs are real, but the kisses are chocolate!” was often heard.
The latest project, De-Stress week, seemed to be a huge hit among students. LAHS students were given the opportunity to participate in many campus-wide activities including an assembly, a pajama day and a lunch yoga session, all to create a less stressful student environment.
To learn more about Natural Helpers contact the LAHS office.

--Maria Jaleh McTeigue