Helping to break down walls

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By Kirsten Laskey

Ever feel like you are stuck, that there are metaphorical walls barring you from achieving your goals? Pam Houghteling’s new business, Awareness Enterprise, LLC, offers a way to break down those walls.

Houghteling describes Awareness as an umbrella group for two main modalities, which are, Access Energy Transformation and the Feldenkrais Method.

Access Energy Transfer, she explained is the main piece of the business. “(It is) a set of tools that people can use to improve any area of their life,” she said, “whether is it is finances, relationships, issues with their body, business (or) addictions.”

Access also utilizes different techniques, and philosophies to change areas that people would like to see changed.

To achieve these changes, Houghteling offers classes or private sessions. She has been teaching Access Energy Transformation for six months and will be a licensed instructor this month.

She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method for seven years. The method “uses movement and help increase your awareness of what works for you and your body,” Houghteling said. “People tend to experience a reduction in pain, increase in flexibility, better balance and posture as well as increase their performance in sports, music and dance.”

After using these two modalities in her own life, Houghteling can testify the benefits of Access Energy Transformation. She said the changes have been “phenomenal.” She said she has gotten rid of chronic pain, improved her relationships and business opportunities.

While building another business, a network marketing business with Arbonne International, Houghteling said she participated in different coaching programs.  One of her coaches introduced her to Access Energy Transformation and she said she saw “amazing” difference in just a few months.

Houghteling said she was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method after having a severe back injury at age 25, which left her disabled for a year. She was introduced to Feldenkrais through a friend, overcome her injury and became a practitioner in 2001.

 Houghteling said these modalities work because they offer new options to try and use.

For more information, call Houghteling at 662-0012 or go to www.awarenessenterprisenet.