Help save children

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, there are 17 children killed in the state of New Mexico everyday! By way of comparison, only two convicts have been executed in the state of New Mexico in the last 40 years!

It should be the desire of every humane civilization to ensure children have a safe and secure childhood. We are rightly appalled at the heinous crimes that are committed against children every day; crimes ranging from neglect, to sexual abuse, to murder. Why is it that we do not carry this same level abhorrence to the fundamental child abuse of “elective abortion”?

The platform of the Democratic Party has a plank which stipulates that they desire to reduce the numbers of abortions. Let us now see honesty from our Democratic Legislature and our Democratic Executives (both on the State level, and the National level).

Let us see parental notification put in place and enforced. Let us see informed consent fully pursued. Let us see sex education (including abstinance) properly presented. It is indeed the dawn of new hope in our country; let our state lead the nation, and our nation lead the world in reducing the rate of killing our children.

Los Alamos