Help this holiday season

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

For many years our community has supported the Act of Kindness School Program, which was very successful due to your generosity. Now there is another need to help children, and what better time than this holiday season.The McKinley Middle School, in Albuquerque, has issued an appeal for donations in order to provide clothing (underwear, socks and toiletries) for their students. The Albuquerque schools usually provide approximately 2,500 items for their students, however, this year there has been an additional 280 students in need and the schools are scraping the bottom of the barrel.McKinley Middle School will also accept monetary donations to purchase clothing for their students. If you have any outgrown children’s clothes, in good condition, please deliver them to me (Patricia Tubb, 439 Ridgecrest Ave., White Rock) and my husband and I will make certain that McKinley School receives them. At times when you are shopping for Christmas, please add a few of these needed items to your basket. Apparently there is also a need for size 6 boy’s tennis shoes. Some children wear flip flops because they haven’t any shoes and it appears that just about any clothing items, including coats, would be welcome.I believe your check would be tax deductible and it would be a good idea to mark it “clothes for McKinley”; it should be mailed to: McKinley Middle School, 4500 Comanche NE, Albuquerque, NM. 87110. I know that the school and the students, would be very grateful for your gifts.Patricia TubbWhite Rock