Help build hope in Mexico

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By Special to the Monitor

The House of Hope Women invites women of Los Alamos and the surrounding areas to join them in their next house-building trip to Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, Oct. 10-12.

This upcoming visit marks the fourth year that this all-women construction team, which encompasses women from other churches and communities, will be making the trip to the border town to build a home for a family who would otherwise have little hope of permanent stable housing.

The House of Hope Women work with the Gateway Mission Training and Conference Center in El Paso, Texas, which is a nonprofit mission working with local ministry partners on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border to organizing short-term mission trips and learning programs in northern Mexico.

The house is built from the ground up starting with nothing at the site except a concrete pad.

The House of Hope women have funded the purchase of materials in Mexico, which are delivered to the site, thus aiding the Mexican economy. The house, which is completed in three days, has a blessing ceremony for the family and presenting them with the keys to their new home.

In addition to building the house, the House of Hope women have collected household goods and clothing during the year that will be presented to the family along with a major appliance.

Builders are housed in a dormitory within a locked compound facility at a local Juarez Church during the night and escorted to the build site daily by the Mexican crew that has been with them for the four years. The church provides meals.

The focus of this trip is to have a servant’s heart and a learner’s mind as they seek to become “Las Manos de Dios,” the hands of God, ministering in a life-changing way to the most pressing needs of some of the poorest of Mexico’s poor.

The lack of adequate housing is one of the key factors in the breakdown and disintegration of many families in the colonias of Juarez where the House of Hope women will be building the next house.

The House of Hope Women raised the funds needed for this endeavor and the trip to Juarez, choosing ways and means projects that were “an appropriate link for the Juarez house building-mission,” Cathy Walters, team leader, said.

For further information and to sign up for the trip, contact Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church at 662-5107 or Walters at 662-5266.