Heinrich will help lab

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A friend sent me former Congresswoman Heather Wilson’s article in the Los Alamos Monitor: “Congressional delegation failed to stick up for Los Alamos.”  The article cited the deferral of the Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility project for her concern.  As a former LANL staff member (when it was called LASL) I am well aware of the importance of the Chemistry and Metallurgy facility and the need to replace it with a modern facility.  The cost and complexity of this project calls for thoughtful consideration.  Unfortunately fiscal concerns have led to the delay.  Wilson says that nobody in the New Mexico Congressional delegation is willing to fight for Los Alamos.  I disagree.
I took a supervisory job at Sandia Labs in weapon component development some time ago and eventually retired from Sandia Labs, but I continued to stay connected with the activities at Sandia Labs and at LANL.
When Martin Heinrich was elected to the US House of Representatives from New Mexico’s First Congressional District in 2008, he became the congressional contact not only for Sandia Labs, but Kirtland AFB as well.  By that time, Senator Domenici was retired.  Congressman Heinrich has done an admirable job supporting those valuable institutions for our country and for New Mexico.  Let me assure the staff of LANL and the citizens of Los Alamos, he will do the same for you.  As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Heinrich is in on all decisions regarding the role of these institutions.
All of the New Mexico Congressional Delegation has and I am sure will continue to do their very best to support Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Lab and all Air Force facilities in New Mexico.  
Bruce Barnaby