Heather Wilson encourages vote

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I’ve known Jeannette Wallace for almost 20 years.   Los Alamos and its environs are fortunate to have her as a state representative and I encourage your readers to vote for her again this year.
Before I served in the Congress, I was a cabinet secretary in state government. Jeannette served on one of the committees where I regularly had to appear to explain our budget and programs and I got to know her.  
Jeannette listens carefully to what people are saying.  She takes time to learn about problems facing the community and always tries to do the right thing.  
There are plenty of ego-driven people in public life who will elbow their way to the microphones and insist that their names appear prominently on bills or press releases.  Jeannette’s not one of them.  
Common sense and humility are as rare as hen’s teeth in Santa Fe. That’s what you have in Jeannette Wallace.  She’s a keeper.
                Heather Wilson
               Former member of Congress, NM