Healthy schools are Important

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 I have been a school nurse with the Los Alamos Public Schools since moving here in 1978. I have worked at every school in this district either as a school nurse or a school nurse substitute.

In my job, I am concerned with not only the health status of our children, but also providing them with a healthy school environment.  Over the past 30 years, I have watched the deterioration of the “health” of our school buildings. The school buildings are old and in need of major renovation. Our maintenance staffs continuously work to keep up with repairing the existing structures.  It is becoming more costly to continue to accomplish these renovations than to replace some of these buildings. 

The health of our community is also affected by the health of our schools.  We cannot expect to have a healthy community that attracts and keeps its members without providing the community with “healthy”, attractive and welcoming schools, ones that are up to date and well equipped.

We need each and every eligible voter to return his or her ballot before January 27th.

Please join me in voting for a bond that will first provide three new structures and will eventually support every school’s needs in our district.

School nurse, Barranca Mesa Elementary