Hawks pitch in to raise Pennies for Patients

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

The Los Alamos Middle School student council spends their days learning about leadership and then turns that knowledge into action on campus and in the community, through various projects.
Recently, the team raised a total of $1,341.45 to benefit Pennies For Patients sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
LAMS teacher and Hawk Hubba Bubba recipient, Linda Bennett, works with the students to achieve their goals.
The students held a raffle to assist the fundraising, selling tickets during lunch for a chance to win prizes, made by student council members.
The project raised, $95.66 for the campaign after students were inspired by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society videos, which explained the importance of their fundraising efforts.
“They got the entire campus involved with Pennies For Patients by promoting a pizza party contest between the eighth period classes and raffling off theme baskets to raise even more money,” Bennett said. “The Student Council Members were so excited to pick up the money and count it every day.”
“I loved the feeling that I have helped to save someone’s life,” eighth grader Louisa Belian said.
The team announced the top five fundraising classes daily, with Cheryl Smith-Ecke’s eighth period class finally emerging as the victor. The class was rewarded with a pizza party for their $300.91 donation.
Students were the winners of baskets ranging in theme from gum to movie night.
The Hawks said they enjoyed collecting the money and counting it each day, describing the work as “great” and “awesome.”
One anonymous member said, “It makes me feel like I can change the world if I want to.”