Hawk To Hilltopper

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Los Alamos Middle School may have said their current batch of eighth graders can move on to become Hilltoppers, but it is Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation that makes the crossover official.
On Friday afternoon, the Class of 2019 we’re anointed with the annual Hawk to Hilltopper graduation party at Urban Park.
The festivities included a barbeque, bouncy inflatables from Tons of Fun plus the traditional shaving cream extravaganza and hose down from the Los Alamos County Fire Department.
Master of Ceremonies, Brendan Tuning of Los Alamos County, filled the time with music, volleyball, wall ball and time for the relaxation students needed as the year came to an end.
The weather held off long enough to squeeze in three hours of inflated fun to decompress a school year filled with enough testing to ensure a smooth transition to high school.
The event was sponsored by Daniel’s Café and Mary’s Gelato, Coca-Cola Bottling, Tons of Fun, the fire department and Parks and Recreation.
Tuning and his posse, along with a myriad of community volunteers and programs, moved from the Hawk to Hilltopper event into preparations for Senior Appreciation Night, also coordinated by Tuning, which took place Saturday evening as the Class of 2015 became alumni.