Have Lunch with a Leader

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The League of Women Voters will have their monthly Lunch with a Leader at 11:45 a.m. Nov. 8 at Mesa Library.
Their leader in November will be the new County Attorney Becky Ehler.
After working in Alamogordo for 19 years as the city attorney and as the legal advisor to the City’s Department of Public Safety, she came to Los Alamos in June 2012 with her husband of 34 years.
They purchased a house in White Rock where they live with the animals their kids left behind when they moved out.
Ehler has worked in Gallup and Roswell and had brief experience with the federal government as a summer intern in a congressional office.
Ehler thinks working in local government is the best  choice because of the increased opportunity to directly interact with residents.
She also believes she has a better opportunity to make an impact on the community at this level. “ It’s very gratifying to be able to see the outcome of a project upon which I have worked and see the genuine benefit to the citizens at the end of the project.”
The event is open to the public. To attend, call Karyl Ann Armbruster at 661-6605 or email her at kaskacayman@gmail.com. Food is ordered from the co-op.
The meal includes a sandwich or soup or salad and half-sandwich and a cookie for $10.  
 When calling or emailing, Armbruster will give the extensive choices to order.
Guests are welcome to attend if they do not want to order a lunch.  There will be no food , however, if they do not order a meal.  All orders need to be placed by 7 p.m. Nov. 6.