Have a conversation over cookies

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By The Staff

Middle and high school students are invited to join local senior citizens for cookies and milk Thursday. The monthly installment of Cookies and Conversation developed by the Assets In Action project will be held at 1p.m. at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

The hour-long meet and greet is a way to build relationships between two entities whose paths may not cross on a regular basis. Seniors and teens are paired up for question and answer sessions that are done with a fast paced tempo, tackling pre-selected questions along with suggestions from the participants.

A variety of cookies are served to keep taste buds in check while listening.

“What I enjoy is seeing the young people having a good time at a senior center,” said Pauline Powell Schneider, Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization director. “One event done with middle school age students had them arrive with some preconceived notions about our center, and leave asking when they could come back.”

She added, “I think that teen/adult relationships help the adults to get a reality check on the younger generation - what they are about, what's important to them. I think that the adults can offer some perspective on a larger picture of life - what it's like to work, have responsibilities and yet keep the ideals that are important throughout a lifetime.”

According to Schneider, both often discover there is more common ground than they had thought. For more information, call the Assets in Action coordinator at 661-4846 or the Betty Ehart Senior Center at 662-8920.