Hats off to council

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By Greg Kendall

Dear Editor,

After nearly a half decade, the skate park has overcome the last hurdle and can now be built. For a town that is supposedly one of the “top 100 best communities for youth,” it is simply unfathomable that it took this long and faced such extreme resistance from a minority in our community. Our democratically elected county government finally did it’s job for us.

Our County Councilors deserve a pat on the back for completing a difficult job. In the end, our elected officials (not a small group of vocal detractors or unelected boards) determine what is in the best interest of all the citizens of the county. Councilors did not wilt, buckle or cower at the endless badgering of these vocal detractors. I’m very proud to be a resident of Los Alamos today.

County Council initiated the project in approximately 2004 (if not earlier). Money was allocated for the project in the CIP. Council determined that a downtown, safe, visible, accessible skate park was desired by the citizens. We elect Councilors to carry out our will. The project languished under the Parks & Rec Board and so another body was given the helm to get it done. Council is in its rights to place the project in the hands of whoever is best able to accomplish the will of the people. The boards are not elected. The boards have their own goals and desires which sometimes conflict with those of our elected officials. Because a lot of the issues surrounding a skate park have to do with public safety, the logical leader was the Police Chief. He got the job done. Again, we should be so proud of Chief Torpy for getting the will of the people, as expressed through our Council, finally implemented after such long delays.

The issue with the location of the skate park is not so much that it is in front of the library or that it is near a historic area, instead the issue, in my opinion, is that a group of folks don’t like the idea of a skate park in their neighborhood. In fact, I would bet that if the location of the park were moved across the street to the site of the demolished Muni Building, many of these same people would continue to complain as it would still be close to their homes. In fact, questions were raised, in many of the written statements of skate park detractors about why we are spending ANY money on a skate park in the first place!

In the end, our Councilors managed to find their way past all the pettiness and personal agendas and somehow managed to implement the will of all the Citizens of Los Alamos. Thank you Chairman Hall and Councilors ... A Job Well Done.

Los Alamos