Hair health is vital for the right look

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The frizz, the tangles and the split ends. Ugh. Hair can really be a mess.
A bad hair day can be one of the worst days ever and looking like a lion’s mane on a special occasion is no fun. There is a way to fix frizz, tame tangles, and save split ends, though.
First of all, hair must always be kept healthy. Split ends must be cut off by a hairdresser when they emerge. Whatever you do, do not pull the split end apart.
Do not constantly dye your hair different colors. It may seem fun when you are a teenager, but it leaves your hair looking unhealthy after a few years, especially as you get older. Straightening your hair every day or every other day dries it out and causes split ends.
If you do straighten your hair, make sure to always use a heat guard spray or mousse before straightening.
The typical attitude among people is that if you have curly hair, you want straight hair instead; and if you have straight hair, you would rather have curly hair. Don’t worry. This is natural.
Instead of whining about the type of hair that you do not have, let us make you love the type of hair that you do have.
For wavy to medium-curly hair, you can use curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, which make your curls more defined and shinier.
After using the shampoo and conditioner in the shower, tilt your head upside-down and rub it rapidly with a towel. This will begin curl formation and volume at the roots. After that, put in some styling cream and spread it around your hair, crunching your hair in your hand as you go to create curls.
For extreme curls, just let your hair air-dry and do not touch it until it is 90 percent dry so you do not have to deal with frizz.
For straight hair, you can use shampoo and conditioner that moisturize, straighten, or make your hair sleeker. Straight hair can be blow dried, and it will look sleeker that way.
Everyone has a bad hair day, so I will just give you a few hairstyles that may or may not serve as a backup in a hair emergency. You can easily create a sleek ponytail by combing back all of your straightened hair at the back of your head in the middle, creating a part if desired.
To tame any flyaways,  you can use a smidge of hair styling cream to smooth on the sides of your head.
In another situation, your bangs may not be cooperating, so you can pin them straight over your head, or twist or braid them to the side and secure them with a few bobby pins.
Whenever I have a bad hair day, I put my hair in a side ponytail, side bun, or side braid. For some mystical reason this almost always works.
Just make sure that any bits of hair that do not reach the ‘side-do’ are pinned with the rest of the hair heading towards the side hairstyle.
I have a little homework assignment for my readers, and don’t worry, this is fun: I want you to find a hairstyle that works best for your hair-type. This may take a little effort, because it will need some experimenting.
It can be as simple as twisting your bangs up beautifully, or changing the whole way your hair is arranged.
Then, I want you to give your new hairstyle a spin and see if you get any feedback!

--Alexandra Hehlen