Guy Forsyth jams for credit union night

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“One of the absolute best concerts that the Los Alamos County Summer Series has ever produced was last summer’s Guy Forsyth show. This cat and his band are terrific,” Concert coordinator Russ Gordon said.
The band will play from 7-10 p.m. Friday at the Del Norte Credit Union. The show is presented free of charge, by the sponsors of the Summer Series. This Friday Night is Del Norte Credit Union-LA Schools Credit Union-Zia Credit Union Night.
Guy Forsyth’s latest album is “Freedom to Fail.” It is a message for all people and his new born daughter. Forsyth plays electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, baritone guitar, harp, dobro and singing saw.
“He’s a master musician, a great singer and songwriter. He’s one of my all-time favorite entertainers,” Gordon said.
Forsyth grew up in Kansas City, Mo. He started in show business working as a comic stuntman. He soon realized that he was a natural entertainer.
In 1990, he moved to Austin, Texas with only a guitar, a harmonica and a few clothes. He’d sing on the streets and bars for tips and soon began to win the attention of the Austin music scene. He formed his own band and began a brilliant career.
In 1994, he formed the Asylum Street Spankers, after a rowdy night of partying and jamming. The band became a success in the Indie music world.
Speaking about Indie music, Forsyth said, “In that music there’s not a lot of money and it’s a whole lot of work, staying in sleazy hotels (except in Los Alamos) and traveling in stinky vans and stuff like that, and you’ve got to just believe in it.”
Gordon said he loves the Forsyth’s passion.
“I just love performing. In many ways, I’m more comfortable on the stage than off,” Forsyth said. “I saw John Hammond play when I was 18. Hammond was so passionate and gave himself over so completely to his performance. It wasn’t like he was indicating anything or representing what the blues should be. He got out of the way and let the song run. It was so immediate and it was so close to life or death.”
Forsyth releases albums and plays concerts because of the ecstasy that he says he feels when working. He loves to play and his audience catches this ecstasy. “I want to make records and have concerts that are worthy of people’s time to listen to. I’d hate it if I was wasting anybody’s time, because time is the most precious thing we have. If somebody’s gonna give you their attention, you need to make it worth their while,” he said.
Guy said his goal is to create magic!
While researching this article, Gordon got a big thrill out of reading last.fm/music/Guy+Forsyth/+wiki. The website talks about his unique mix of music, his playing on a mountaintop in Nepal and having “gripping and powerful vocals,” as well as a master musician. He’s won numerous Austin Music Awards including “Best Male Vocalist.” The site also tells of his playing all over the world, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, NY BBQ and Blues Fest., Tonder Music Fest in Denmark, Belgium’s Rhythm and Blues Fest and the Los Alamos County Summer Music Series.
“Folks, we have something truly special — according to some— in our “little” series and it ain’t so little,” Gordon said.
“At the beginning of Friday’s concert, people will be tapping their feet and enjoying this great and fun performer, but by the end, we’ll almost all be stomping our feet and dancing on the asphalt parking lot,” Gordon said.
When Forsyth was asked by a reporter for riffraff.net, “What’s next musically for Guy Forsyth?” Forsyth replied, “Lots of touring and gigs will make it obvious. Come see us, and we’ll figure it out together.”
“There’s so much lousy and fair, at best, music in the pop music scene, just keep the faith because here come the goods,” Gordon said. “Guy’s gonna make you smile, laugh, jump, scream and just give you a great performance. Thank you sponsors.”
On Aug. 9, we’ll kick off the Los Alamos County Fair and Rodeo with a country dance concert by Texas’ James Hyland and the Joint Chiefs. James was the former lead singer and a founding member of the South Austin Jug Band. He’s playing mostly country music these days including his own compositions and covers of such great artists as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Bob Wills, Billy Joe Schaver and Hank Williams.