Gun show controversy, coverage a wasted effort

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With regard to the opinion expressed by Ms. Schick concerning the use of Pueblo Gym for our annual gun show, I wish to make two points: (1) I deeply resent her trying to lay an undeserved guilt trip on us regarding the tragedies in Newtown and Columbine and (2) I resent the promised extended coverage of this “issue” by the Los Alamos Monitor. Are her hollow threats regarding adverse public perception worthy of extensive reporting?
In her letter to the Monitor, she asserts that “in this country we do what is right, not what is popular.” As a teacher, she should be aware of the fact that our Constitution states “We the People . . .” and not something like “We the self-righteous elite . . .”
If she wishes to do something meaningful regarding this “issue,” she should volunteer her time and resources to programs designed to diagnose and treat the underlying mental problems that lead to such tragedies. I would support her in those efforts.
Ludwig Gritzo
Los Alamos