Guitar duo to return to Fuller Lodge

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By Kirsten Laskey

Jeremy Mayne and Mickey Jones, also known as the New Mexico Guitar Duo, will be traveling up the Hill to perform in the Guitars and Gateaux concert at 7 p.m. today at Fuller Lodge.

They are both seasoned pros within the concert series. Maynes has performed a solo concert in the past; Jones brought the Albuquerque Honors Guitar Quartet to the series and Maynes and Jones concluded the series last year.

“We just really like performing in the series. (The series) itself is wonderful, very intimate, a perfect venue for classical guitar. (It’s) a little bit smaller and intimate, which is always good for classical guitar,” Jones said.

He added Los Alamos is a great community for classical guitar. Many residents know classical guitar, understand it and like it.

“(It’s) always a pleasant place to play because of that,” Jones said.

The program will feature a couple music pieces from early 19th century, which is an important era for classical guitar, he said. The 19th century contains a really strong portion of the repertoire for the guitar.

One highlight, he said, would be a tango from Piazolla’s “Tango Suite.” Piazolla, Jones said, is a great Argentine composer of the 19th century.

Jones added he is excited to return to Los Alamos, and eager to present the concert’s music because some of the pieces have never been performed by the duo. Jones arranged one of the pieces.

Jones and Mayne met when they were 19. Jones said they were introduced to each other during a guitar ensemble rehearsal. During a separate session to practice their individual parts, Jones said, “We could just tell right away that we played well together. We had a good feel for each other (so) we decided to take that feeling and run with it.”

They gave their first “full-blown concert” within a couple of months of meeting each other.

While there were periods when they didn’t play together, Jones said, “(We) always made a point to make the chamber group an important part of (our) performing lives.”

“We’re very, very dear friends, best friends, and we sort of grew up together as musicians and in regular life, too,” he added.

Jones explained they had gotten to know one another as musicians and people.

They have a “deep desire to perform as musicians,” he said. “(We) always play in such a very comfortable circumstance.”

Admission is $10 for Los Alamos Arts Council members and $15 for non-members. LAAC sponsors the series.