GSA embraces students’ diversity

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From the group that brought Los Alamos High School students diversity week, comes a story of mutual acceptance and friendships regardless of one’s sexuality.
Born roughly 10 years ago, under the supervision of LAHS teachers Brian Easton and Joy Handsberry, the Gay Straight Alliance of Los Alamos High School tries to enhance the acceptance of diversity amongst LAHS students and staff.
The group meets every Friday and each meeting is student directed, so it is completely unpredictable. Whatever’s on a student’s mind — current events, things going on in one’s life, or things happening at the high school — can be a discussion topic at the alliance meetings. Other activities include games, planning for events and hanging out and having a good time. The GSA is very accepting and is open to all students.
“(It’s) truly an alliance of straight students and gay students and everything in between,” Easton said. Just how cool are they? “Well, one year, instead of having officers, we had superheroes,” Easton said enthusiastically. So, if you need to get your Batman on, GSA is definitely the place to be.
            In describing the students, he gets to encounter through the program, Easton has only words of kindness. “The students who are part of the club are from every walk of life. They are a variety of personalities, they have a wide variety of interests, and I am very proud to be their sponsor. They truly are the most accepting people.”
Working with Handsberry seems to be pretty fun as well. “She is wonderful to work with. Intelligent, thoughtful, great personality, loves the students,” Easton said. “I don’t know how else to describe her. She’s great.”
            If the mere thought of hanging out with a whole bunch of diverse high schoolers and two really cool sponsors is not enough motivation to make students join, here’s more food for thought: diversity week. Many students can’t lie to themselves, at some point during their high school careers, they’ve gone by that sticker/pin table, taken the vow of silence, or at least painted their nails rainbow-colored in order to show support. Now, imagine being on the other side of the table and making pins, while rocking out to Michael Jackson, or just having milk and cookies during storytime.
What’s more fun than that?
Students that are bored with their friends, want to make new ones, or are just really curious and social in general, might consider looking into the GSA.


Madalina Ciuca is a senior at Los Alamos High School.