Grothus is part of our history

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

For the half-century that we have lived in Los Alamos, Ed Grothus’ letters, speeches and actions have sparked smiles, shrugs, attention and discussion. Usually we chuckled, made light of, disagreed with, sometimes respected and sometimes ignored his messages, believing – as Norris Bradbury put it – that our work at Los Alamos was to buy time for world leaders to eliminate the nuclear threat. However, we accepted Ed and his right to speak out.He is a part of the history of Los Alamos as a vibrant example of the freedom of speech that this country gives us. Perhaps the twin granite monuments he has offered could be viewed not as another piece of “art in public places” but as a historical part of Los Alamos, with an additional plaque explaining the roll of Ed Grothus throughout the history of Los Alamos, and that Los Alamos found a place for the monuments.Tom and Cynthia SpringerLos Alamos