Grooving to the beat: Prom 2011

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Griffith Gymnasium is transformed into “Club Eleven”

The mere mention of the word prom can bring joy and giggles, or despair and nervousness.
The normal thoughts revolve around where to take pictures, where to go to dinner, get the dress or tux and the ever-so-important date.
Although one would never think of a dark, loud dance club with black lights and strobe lights as being part of prom, that exact setting became part of the Los Alamos High School Junior/Senior prom this year.
The prom began at 9 p.m., but the festivities started well in advance as prom-goers, many of whom traveled to Española or Santa Fe, went out to dinner.
The prom theme was “Club Eleven,” which was supposed to depict a cool, fun and crazy dance club. The inside of Griffith Gym was  transformed and there were “texting screens” at the front of the room for prom goers to text in any message they would like to have displayed. Upon entering, students were given glow necklaces, yellow glow-in-the-dark wristbands that read, “LAHS Prom 2011,” and mini water bottles, to add to the club feel.
A DJ kept the club vibe going by pumping loud beats through Griffith Gym until around midnight. Slow songs were rare, as the DJ spun dance, electronica, dub-step and hip hop  songs.
The 150-200 prom-goers, dressed in formal wear seemed to have fun, as they all gathered in the middle of the gym floor and danced as black lights and strobe and lights darted around.
Junior Erin Burr was elected prom princess and junior Scott Carlsten was elected prom prince while senior Rachel Ehler was elected prom queen and Matt  Shower was elected prom king.