Great Conversations covers regional issues

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Great Conversations is an afternoon of delicious appetizers and desserts and an in-depth conversation with a subject area expert. This is the 4th Annual Great Conversations hosted by the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation. It will take place on April 28 from 2-5 p.m. at Los Alamos High School in the new building. This is the third in a series about the conversations that will take place.


Reading into the Change in Books: Kindle, Nook & iPad
Steven Thomas
How is the nature of the publishing industry being fundamentally altered? Steven Thomas, the Los Alamos County Library Chief Administrator, will guide a conversation on the effects of technology on libraries, publishers, and most importantly, readers.
This conversation will delve into the future of the book as the center of education and learning. Change is inevitable, but how will technology share the future of libraries? What do experts studying current industry trends think will happen next?
Thomas has served as a library manager/administrator in systems including the Brooklyn, New York Public Library, the Fayetteville Arkansas Public Library, the Kanawha County West Virginia Library System, and the Washington County Arkansas Library System.
He and his wife, Lisa Caldwell, recently re-located to Los Alamos and they love it here!

Change in the Fire Scene:
30 Year Perspective
Troy Hughes
Los Alamos County Fire Chief, Troy Hughes, will discuss the difference between the members of today’s fire service and those who served in the past.
Hughes rose through the ranks and has served at every level, including the last 15 years as a fire chief.
Those enjoying this conversation will find out all that the fire service is doing today that they were not doing 30 years ago.
How have public expectations changed for emergency service providers and what role do ethics and personal character play in today’s fire service?
Hughes has been a member of the fire service for 28 years and he will share his perspective on the future of emergency and fire service provision for our community.
He has served as the Los Alamos County Fire Chief since October 2011. The Chief and his wife Jodi live in White Rock with their dog Grace.

What’s Cookin’ in the Caldera: Environmental Restoration
Peggy Gautier
Vice-Chair of Los Amigos de Valles Caldera, the official friends organization of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, Peggy Gautier will share information about the work that has been completed over the last five years with the nearly $1million in grant funds received.
Have you always wanted some insider information about little known places on the Preserve? What you learn may give you a hunger for a closer look. Would it surprise you to know that some people are allowed to camp within the boundaries of this national treasure?
Forming a more intimate knowledge of the Valles may lead you to volunteer or become an advocate for the future of the preserve.
Peggy Gautier retired in 2005 from Chemistry Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory after 32 years; she and her husband Jim enjoy the life of retirees.
Teaching the iPhone to Drive
Michael Ham
Is the brain truly unique or is it possible for advanced artificial intelligence to fully replicate human abilities?
Michael Ham is a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has experience in computer vision, high performance computing and psychophysics studies of the human brain.
While enjoying this conversation, Ham will help you explore and discuss how the human brain learns and the parallels with smart technology development.
Large data will require new methods of processing data, and the human brain as a great source of inspiration for new tactics.
The applications are limitless; if you join this conversation, you can pick Ham’s brain about the possibilities.

Anyone interested in attending Great Conversations can pick up a registration form or drop off a completed form with payment to The Finishing Touch locating at 174 Central Park Square. A complete list of the speakers and an overview of the 14 conversations is available at lapsfoundation.com. Call 470-3734 or email j.gillespie@laschools.net with any questions.