A grand compromise

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I am encouraged by progress in the golf course redesign process, but as an open space advocate, I feel the revised designs still leave much to be desired.
Alternative 1, with its limited appeal to golfers, seems like a short-term solution that will quickly lead us back to this very same discussion.
On the other hand, Alternative 2 standing alone is a clear lose for open space: it destroys a substantial amount of ponderosa forest with trees up to 350 years old.
However, I do see the core of a grand compromise, one that would end the slow erosion of our remarkable and unique interior wild land while also offering golfers the quality course they deserve.
Let’s do Alternative 2 (with carefully minimized tree loss) in concert with new and substantial protection for open space throughout the county.
I like the idea of a regional park, but I believe we as a community should think bigger and go beyond a piecemeal approach.

Reid Priedhorsky
Los Alamos