Governor's bill action update

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By Carol A. Clark

Gov. Bill Richardson has signed a number of bills since this year’s 30-day session concluded Feb. 14.HB 43, involving severance tax bond projects, was recently vetoed by Richardson. By law, the governor has 20 days to sign or veto any pending legislation.In an interview Tuesday, Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-Los Alamos, discussed the remaining bills awaiting action by the governor. “I looked through the list and there were none that I can say would surprise me,” Wallace said. “The state will survive one way or the other.”Following is an updated list of signed and pending legislation to date.

Legislation signed Friday:

e--     HB 33 Domestic Violence Treatment Fund Uses

e--     HB 54 Define Probate Code “Security Account”

e--     HB 89 Physician Assistant Requirements

e--     HB 337 Sex Offense Victim Polygraph

e--     HB 399 Self-Rescue Devices in Coal Mines

e--     HB 387 Locomotive Fuel Tax Exemption Effective Dates

e--     HB 599 Tax Refund Contribution Corrections

e--     SB 31 Expand Schools in Dual Credit Program

e--     SB 34 New Mexico School for The Arts Act

e--     SB 68 Increase Domestic Violence Penalties

e--     SB 71 Create Offense of Human Trafficking

e--     SB 229 Real Estate Broker Insurance Premiums

e--     SB 239 Election of Supreme Court Chief Justice

e--     SB 242 Property Donations to Cultural Affairs Dept.

e--     SB 460 College and Workplace Readiness Assessments

Legislation signed Feb. 13

e--     SB 165 State Agency Expenditures (partial veto)

e--     SB 257 Technical Corrections to 2007 Laws

e--     SB 258 Fort Bayard Medical Center Replacements

Legislation signed Feb. 12

e--     HB 2 General Appropriation Act of 2008 (partial veto)

Legislation signed Jan. 18

e--     HB 1 Feed Bill (partial veto)

e--     SB 66 Minimum Wage Act Exemptions

Gov. Bill Richardson vetoed the following legislation Feb. 13:

e--     HB 43 Severance Tax Bond Projects

Bill action pending for March 5:

e--     HB 100 Ignition Interlock Tampering Penalties

e--     HB 140 Soil and Water District Assessment Extensions

e--     HB 142 Judicial Performance Evaluation Fund

e--     HB 145 Sports and Recreation Facility Financing Act

e--     HB 167 Birthing Workforce Retention Fund

e--     HB 168 City Of Las Cruces License Plates

e--     HB 172 Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

e--     HB 177 Medical License Suspensions & Reporting

e--     HB 180 Manny Herrera Access to Healthy Foods Act

e--     HB 181 Behavioral Health Purchasing Rulemaking

e--     HB 184 Local Government Investment Provisions

e--     HB 193 Create Public Defender Commission

e--     HB 199 Construction Industry Proof of Responsibility

e--     HB 215 Eliminate Commercial Driver’s License Waivers

e--     HB 218 Amend Small Counties Assistance Act

e--     HB 221 Allow Electronic Voting System Negotiations

e--     HB 227 Domestic Abuse Procedure Changes

e--     HB 236 Off-Reservation Native American Health

e--     HB 245 NMFA Economic Development Fund Projects

e--     HB 249 Community College and School District Elections

e--     HB 263 Sheriff’s Fees for Service of Process

e--     HB 275 Advanced Chiropractic Certification Registry

e--     HB 305 Utility Customer Load Management

e--     HB 308 NMFA Water Project Fund Projects

e--     HB 324 Charitable Care Property Tax Valuation

e--     HB 327 County Clerk Recording Instrument Fees

e--     HB 348 Uniform Emergency Volunteer Practitioners Act

e--     HB 364 Children’s Mental Health and Disabilities Act

e--     HB 412 Revise Basic Child Support Schedule

e--     HB 468 Faculty Endowment Fund Name Change

e--     HB 469 Legislative Retirement Time Period Change

e--     HB 517 Information Technology Equipment Replacement

e--     HB 546 Tobacco Settlement Fund Programs

e--     HB 615 Distributions to Sole Community Provider Fund

e--     HB 616 Educational Retirement Contributions

e--     HB 660 Solar Energy Research Park

e--     HB 661 Property Tax Valuation Factors

e--     SB 1 Primary Ballot Access for Certain Candidates

e--     SB 6 Revise County Classifications

e--     SB 8 Housing Audit Service Purposes

e--     SB 13 Legislative Parking Expense Reimbursement

e--     SB 18 Capital Outlay to Tribal Infrastructure Fund

e--     SB 43 Winery Definitions and Taxations

e--     SB 80 Conform Election Procedures to Federal Law

e--     SB 81 Eliminate Election Use of SS Numbers

e--     SB 116 Raise Property Tax Limitation Income Limit

e--     SB 122 Public Service Law Lon Repayment Changes

e--     SB 127 Waive Licensure Fees for Medical Doctors

e--     SB 129 Healthy New Mexico Tax Force

e--     SB 145 Educational Due Process Reimbursements Cap

e--     SB 146 Public School Capital Outlay Omnibus Bill

e--     SB 149 Municipal Higher Ed Facility Tax Eligibility

e--     SB 161 NMFA Bonds For Lea County Cancer Treatment

e--     SB 164 Additional Local Liquor Tax Counties

e--     SB 174 High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit Eligibility

e--     SB 177 Monthly Property Tax Prepayments

e--     SB 178 Breast Cancer Awareness License Plates

e--     SB 209 Amend Uniform Real Property Recording Act

e--     SB 226 Insurance Defense & Maximum Coverage

e--     SB 227 Pecos River Settlement Water Rights

e--     SB 256 Absentee Voting in Small Precincts

e--     SB 269 Polysomnography Practice Act

e--     SB 281 Sale of Recycled Metals Act

e--     SB 298 Gross Receipts to State Building Bonding Fund

e--     SB 333 2008 Capital Projects G.O Bond Act

e--     SB 349 Veterans Museum Act

e--     SB 352 Capital Outlay Project Reauthorizations

e--     SB 353 Allow Certain Accountants to Practice in New Mexico

e--     SB 355 Raise Property Tax Limitation Income Limit

e--     SB 366 Self-Rescue Devices in Coal Mines

e--     SB 391 Revise Medical Insurance Pool Act

e--     SB 415 Genetic Counselor Licensing Requirements

e--     SB 421 Prescription Drug Program Expenditures

e--     SB 438 Weight Distance Tax Compliance Penalties

e--     SB 442 Local Government Traffic Fine Limits

e--     SB 471 Severance Tax Bond Projects

e--     SB 487 Abandoned Uranium Mine Reclamation Fees

e--     SB 489 Alternative Capital Outlay Fiscal Agent

e--     SB 492 Distinctiveness of Purple Heart License Plate

e--     SB 509 Capitol Buildings Lease-Purchase Approval

e--     SB 532 Approve Zoning Special Exceptions Authority

e--     SB 551 Vehicle Port-Of-Entry Requirements

e--     SB 574 Native American Veteran Tax Refunds