Golf course impacts

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Our system of hiking trails is among the leading contributors to the quality of life in Los Alamos County.
The trail system effort has been led by Craig Martin and many volunteers, including my son.
I use the Walnut Canyon Rim Trail for running and frequently hike there with my family. Our trail system linking neighborhoods is a rare treasure. My previous home of Concord, Mass., with its legacy of Henry David Thoreau and environmentalism, did not offer the beauty of our trail system.  
I was particularly dismayed to read in the Thursday Los Alamos Monitor about the Plan B golf course design with major impacts on Walnut Canyon Rim Trail. How can clearing this area help meet any “highest sustainability standards?” Golf course improvements should remain within the current footprint and should take into account the safety and aesthetic experience of hikers, bicyclists and runners on nearby trails.
I am among a large number of taxpayers who share the financial burden of the golf course, and presumably the design fees for golf course expansion, but do not play golf.
Golf course plans diminishing the beauty of our local trails is unfair and will engender strong resistance to any proposed expansion. Submit perspectives to cpfd@lacnm.us.

Larry Paul Cox
Los Alamos

golf course improvement

First off, I am a golfer and have been for many years. I pay a yearly fee to have the privlige of playing a sport I love. I do not run or hike around the golf course, I use the course for what it is intended for, playing a round of golf.

Why should "improvements" remain within the existing footprint? This is just another way of saying "my way or the highway." The course was originally built to be a golf course, complete with wayward shots, golf carts, club house and other golfers, and all the rest that make the game great. It was not built with the idea of having hiking trails all over it. I can not tell you how many times in the middle of a swing, that is far from controlled, I have hit it over a runner or bicyclist who has run full tilt into the path of the ball that I seem to have a small amount of control on.

I have probably hit a ball into every area on and off the course and I can testify that there is plenty of room to move the trails to that will not effect the golfer or the hiker.

Bottem line, to say that you don't play golf but share the financial burden is akin to me saying that I don't have kids but I have to pay for the schools. This is a community, we all share the cost of something if we use it or not, it is called quality of life and community assets.

Lets all stop the chest pounding, grunting and shouting to work this thing out.