Giving youth a helping hand

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By Special to the Monitor

On Feb. 25, the Los Alamos Public Schools Youth Summit Meeting was held in the district boardroom. Assistant Superintendent Kate Thomas facilitated the 45 participants.

Principals from every school were also in attendance and reported on the percentage of attendance, discipline referrals, grades and counselor referrals for each of their schools.  

Community perceptions were shared to identify some of the problems the local youth are facing and task forces were determined. Everyone in attendance will receive a list of task forces and will have the opportunity to get involved with a committee of their choice.

All the information gathered at this meeting will be disseminated to all participants via e-mail.

The LAPS School Board’s vision is, “We will lead by example and govern a school district in which every child is inspired and learns to his/her full potential.”

The non-negotiable goals are that 100 percent of students will graduate and be able to enter the work force or university of their choice; 100 percent of students will achieve at least a minimum year’s worth of measurable growth in one year; and 100 percent of the schools and workplaces will be safe and civil.