Give us four lane road

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Anthony Amsden expressed himself very well in his letter in the Los Alamos Monitor on April 17, in which he said, “Leave Trinity at 4 Lanes.”  I have watched Anthony over the years, and recognize that he is a brilliant scientist.  The Transportation Board should pay careful attention to his reasoning.
Since the officials have come up with the plan of reducing the four lanes to two lanes, they feel that they would “lose face” if they reversed the plan and stayed with four lanes. Well, if they stay with the “two-lane” plan, they may save face temporarily, but they will be losing face over the coming decades as motorists grumble through the two lanes daily. Furthermore, it is going to cost a lot of money to make the changes.  It is taxpayers’ money.
By changing Trinity to two lanes, we will not only have the coming decades of miserable traffic, but we will have to suffer through all the construction.  We have spent years driving through the Diamond Drive re-construction and are about to breathe a sigh of relief seeing that it may soon come to an end.  Apparently the Transportation Board can’t stand the thought having a season of peace in the street construction.
Melvin Prueitt
Los Alamos