Get ready to dance and whistle

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By Kirsten Laskey

Los Pinguos brought their music to Los Alamos three years ago, making the Trinity Beverage Company explode with their Argentine tango, salsa, and mambo music. So much dynamite powered the performance that Los Alamos Summer Concert Series producer Russ Gordon has been working to get the band to return.

He succeeded. Friday, the band will once again entertain the crowds of Los Alamos starting at 7 p.m. at 15th Street and Central Avenue.

Gordon is not the only one pleased with the band’s return. Adrian Buono, lead singer, described their last concert in Los Alamos as “the best show we’ve had because of the people.”

“They treat us very good,” he said, “A lot of people come, enjoy and dance.”

According, to the band’s website, www.lospinguos.com, they are originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They feature a mixture of Latin rhythms performed on Spanish guitars, a Cuban Tres, Peruvian cajn or drum box and harmonizing vocals.

“(It’s) great dance music with a rock ‘n’ roll influence,” Gordon said. “(It’s) high energy. They’re tremendous.”

He continued to say Los Pinguos’ music is “sexy, politically charged at times with a lot of Argentine folk music to it.”

“People who can whistle should come,” Gordon said.

Buono described living in Los Angeles as being a major influence on their music. He explained because the city has so many different cultures, it has a great impact on music.

It is their sound and music, which has gained the Los Pinguos access to local bars and clubs in Los Angles, a performance for the cast and crew of the ABC show “Dharma and Greg” and a victory on the TV show, “Next Big Star,” the band’s website reports.

They also performed at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

“For me,” Buono said, “the kind of music and sound we have, it’s what people like because it’s unique.”

It doesn’t matter if people don’t understand the language that the songs are sung in; he said, “The energy and sound is what it’s all about.”

Looking back at the performers who have appeared in this year’s concerts, Gordon said, “I’m very pleased with the acts that have come. I think it’s been the best series yet.”

Gordon encourages people to come out and see Los Pinguos. “You don’t have to be a tango dancer or a salsa dancer or a ballroom dancer, but that will add to the fun; everyone will have a great time.”