Get out and about to beat the summer doldrums

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Most teens all are so anxious for summer to start, that they often forget to plan things to do when summer actually begins, so they spend most of their summer inside, doing nothing at all. This can be the summer when things change.
One thing to do this summer is to wake up earlier and get active. Try getting a group of friends together and go to Ashley Pond for a morning yoga session. Some other ideas are to go swimming at one of the local pools, go hiking or biking on one of the many trails in Los Alamos, or just go for a simple walk.
Instead of playing video games, play board games with family to mix it up and bond with others. Spending time with family sometimes seems like it would not be the most fun thing, but it usually ends up being some of teens’ most cherished memories.
To keep your brain from melting in the hot summer heat, keep it active by reading books and doing puzzles. There are many free books at Mesa Public Library that sit in the front of the bookstore, waiting to be read again. Puzzles can be found in newspapers and magazines, and are a great way to use your brain.
Trying new things will add spice and variety to anyone’s life. This summer can be the summer of change. Everyone should try to be active and stay healthy over the break and have the most fun as possible in the summer sun.

--Katelyn Collier