Geisik sentenced to jail, probation

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Victim's father, sister speak in court

By Tris DeRoma

Steven Geisik, the Los Alamos resident who was convicted of two counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor under the age of 13 and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor was sentenced in Los Alamos District Court Monday.
Geisik, 23, was sentenced to one year in county jail and up to 20 years of supervised probation.
“Every five years, the court will get a report on how he’s doing on probation, then the court will make a determination on how he’s doing,” said Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist, who prosecuted the case. “If he’s doing well, the judge can make a decision to discontinue the probation after five or ten years.”
Since Geisik’s arrest in April 2012, he has spent about three years in county jail. He was 21 at the time the crimes were committed.
His defense attorney, Sydney West, thought the eventual outcome was the best one for her client, given the details of the case.
“The judge took into consideration the mitigating circumstances, his age and the most important thing of all, his (psychological) evaluation,” West said.
Geisik, who was convicted in May of last year, promptly underwent psychological evaluation after the trial. The sentencing was delayed until Geisik’s psychological evaluation was completed.
Geisik was arrested in April 2012. During interviews with police, Geisik said he initially met his victim at a party being thrown at his house. Even though she told him she was 12, he gave her alcohol, which is why he was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The sentencing, which took place at the Los Alamos Justice Center Monday and lasted an hour and a half, was at times tense as friends and family from both sides appeared to hear Geisik’s fate and to speak in his defense.
The criminal contact counts each carried a prison sentence of up to three to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $12,000. The delinquency charge carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a $5000 fine.
Wahlquist told Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer, that he wanted Geisik to do the full 31-1/2 years since, according to Wahlquist, the psychological evaluations performed on Geisik appeared to show no remorse for his crimes.
“The theme seems to be from Mr. Geisik is that it just didn’t happen. In both evaluations, he said he did not commit a crime, he did not have sex with the victim, who was 12 years old at the time, which is counter to what the jury found, and is counter to what the defendant said himself in an interview with police,” Wahlquist said in court.
Wahlquist also said the psychological evaluations also showed that Geisik had “a deviant interest in adolescent girls,” and that Geisik, if he admitted wrongdoing, could benefit from treatment, but only if he admitted wrongdoing, which is why Wahlquist pressed for longer incarceration than one year in county jail.
During the hearing the victim’s sister read a statement from the victim.
“I think Steven needs to go to jail because I don’t think he knows what he did was extremely wrong,” she said in her statement.
The victim’s father also spoke at the sentencing. While he acknowledged the large financial cost as well as the price his daughter has paid in her academic and personal life in the wake of Geisik’s crime, he said it was the loss of her daughter’s innocence that has been the hardest to deal with.
“When my daughter bemoans her lost childhood, that is what hurts the most,” he said in court, before accusing Geisik of other alleged trysts with girls in the same age range.
“Then I think of the other girls who have been victims of this defendant… I ask your honor to remember those others that the court cannot help,” he said.
However, Paula Geisik, Steven’s mother also had a lot to say in her son’s defense at the sentencing as well.
She told Judge Sommer that the victim had a history of accusing others of “child rape” when it proved to be more convenient for her.
“The girl was told that she wasn’t allowed to go into the house that Steven was renting from me, so she accused him of child rape.” said Paula. “She’s done it before, at least twice that we know of, and they were gotten off, because they had better lawyers.” She also claimed that the girl tried to take it back, but one of the officers assigned to the case, who she said grew up with Steven, didn’t like him and as such wouldn’t let her withdraw the charges.
She also said that his time in jail should also count for something.
“Steven has spent at least three years incarcerated, the last nine months in practical solitary confinement,” she said to the judge in court. “He has lost about 40 pounds he didn’t have to lose. I feel he has been more than adequately punished for every sin he has committed on the face of this Earth. He has two children and a wife who need him.”
At the sentencing, West said that the relationship between Geisik and his victim was actually consensual.
“...what we have here is consensual relationship between two individuals who were partying together,” said West, adding that the victim had “led a very sad life” that included incidents of being a victim of sexual abuse and drug abuse. West also said in court the victim had a history of making up false allegations of rape “for attention.”
Judge Sommer then brought in Geisik’s psychological evaluations, most notably his second evaluation, in which she noted that the doctor performing the evaluation didn’t think Geisik deserved prison time.
“In your case, he did not think it was appropriate for prison because he thinks you would come out worse than you did, due to your mindset and your health issues,” Sommer said. She also mentioned that one of Geisik’s psychological evaluations traced Geisik’s motivations back to alcohol abuse rather than from sexual deviance.
Steven Geisik himself acknowledged this when he gave his statement in court.
“Your honor, I’d like to apologize for any inconveniences that I’ve caused throughout this case. I’ve learned a lot over these past three years about life and how to deal with things. I know I need treatment for alcohol — I still have cravings for it every now and then. I also have the want and need to be there for my two boys and my wife. I need them just as much as they need me,” he said in court.
All the reports and apologies however didn’t sway Sommer much, noting that Geisik didn’t apologize for his crime, just the “inconveniences” he caused his family and friends. She then sentenced him to 15 years each for criminal conduct charges and 18 months for the delinquency charges, but then suspended them, tacking on an extra year in county jail instead.
If Geisik violates his 20-year probation sentence, it’s possible he could be facing 31 years in prison.

Specific probation conditions include:
● Specialized treatment with the Albuquerque Sex Offender Treatment Program
● Sex offender registration with the county sheriff
● Continuance of Geisik’s psychiatric medication
● Continued therapy
“This may seem better than what the state had asked for, but rest assured, that the state will ask for it upon any violation,” said Judge Sommer to Geisik, also noting that due to the nature of the crime, Geisik will have to do at least 85 percent of the time before he is considered for parole.