Garcia Richard is the better option

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I hope the voters of Los Alamos County are carefully considering their vote in the House District 43 race. As we look to the future, Stephanie Garcia Richard has proven herself to be the better candidate for all of us.
She has run a positive and ethical campaign. For example, Ms. Richard has never had to apologize to Mr. Hall for anything. Mr. Hall has had to publicly apologize to Ms. Richard for implying he had the endorsement of two Democratic senators when he did not.
Ms. Richard answers hard questions asked at forums with clear, concise facts. When Mr. Hall was asked if he supports a woman’s right to choose, he states it’s a law and wants parental notification, but he is not clear if he supports women’s choice.
However, he is endorsed by extremist groups that want to outlaw abortions and he is against Marriage Equality, so he supports putting the “One Woman One Man” question to a state vote. Do you want others to vote on whether you can get married in the future?
Ms. Richard has been endorsed by our local fire fighters, Senator Bingaman and Senator Udall, and teachers.
Ms. Richard is a woman who is young, energetic and a Columbia/Barnard graduate who will bring some diversity to New Mexico’s legislature, which right now is mostly a good ol’ boys club. Seventy percent of current representatives are over the age of 55. How many of you would like to be represented by a 39-year-old working teacher who understands the struggles of a normal New Mexico family?
There are already enough retired senior citizens in our state offices. The state Constitution specifically requires a Citizen’s Legislature, so there will be working people in it, not just rich or retired people.
Our legislature needs to reflect the population of our state. She could represent Los Alamos for the next 30 years, and go on to be a powerful voice for all of us.
I hope the “Big Picture” thinking types out there will stand up and do the right thing, and vote for Stephanie Garcia Richard as our representative.

Amy Storey
Los Alamos