Is future evolution possible?

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By Edward B. Grothus

Dear Editor,

Is there time enough? For more than 60 years IT, the bomb, kept the peace. This is the mantra of the hardheaded, strong, patriotic, macho men who rule our world.

The peacemakers may be blessed but peace is a dirty word. Peace people are decried as soft-headed and weak. There is no strength in weakness. However, there is wisdom in peace. Good families are respectful of one another and others. There is love. So it should be among nations.

War is uncivilized behavior but it is national policy. Strong, macho men with the approval of politicians promote war. Military strength is considered to be an asset. Nonetheless, military strength failed in Vietnam. The obedient military has now destroyed much of Iraq. Thousands have lost their lives and homes and more than a million have fled the war zone. Peace through strength is failing yet again.

Hardheaded churchmen preach peace on earth and goodwill to men but fail to bear witness. Here, there is only Fr. John Dear and a number of nuns from Loretto in Santa Fe who actively participate in peace actions. In Texas there is a bishop and in Washington State there is Bishop Hunthausen who decries the Trident submarines as the “Auschwitz of Puget Sound.” There is no gang of pastors for peace. There is no gang of CEOs for Peace. There are few Politicians for Peace.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a subsidiary of the war house, the Pentagon. LANL will do the bidding of the warmakers. Good people doing their duty, fearful of expressing dissent. Jobs are at stake. Unrealized is the need to further exploit the energy of the infinite, solar power supply, which is so necessary for man’s really long-term survival. Politicians could be convinced that a mission change is necessary. New jobs are in the solar area of endeavor.

My body is wracked with cancer tumors. My mind is wracked with the horrible visions of a very possible nuclear holocaust. No one person or no group of persons should be in a position to order the launch of nuclear tipped missiles. No person, sworn to obedience, should obey an order to launch nuclear tipped missiles. Destroy the world to what purpose? Abolition of weapons of mass destruction is imperative.

Macho men must defer to evolution to a higher plane of civilization. There must be a mutation, a metamorphosis, from war to peace. LANL could be the place where a tipping point can be wisely promoted. This would be an audacity of sanity. There is wisdom of the promotion of peace through the beneficence of doing good.

Edward B. Grothus

Los Alamos