Fun in the mud

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North Mesa Park hosts annual co-ed mud volleyball tournament

By Phil Scherer

Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation hosted its Mud Fest Volleyball Tournament last weekend at North Mesa Park.


A total of 10 teams made up of at least three male and three female participants took to the mud pits for games that followed the general rules of normal volleyball with one major exception.

“You’re in super thick, knee-high mud that you have to jump in, dive in and slide around in,” said Justin Ramsey, the captain of the Urbanites team, which he organized.

Ramsey said that although it can be quite difficult to move around in the thick mud, he enjoys being able to dive around all over the court without the risk of injury.

“You definitely get pretty dirty out there,” Ramsey said. He has now participated in two of these tournaments, though this was his first year as a captain.

Movement was so difficult in the mud pits, in fact, that participants were encouraged to wrap duct tape around their shoes so there wouldn’t be a risk of losing them in the mud during matches.  

Although the tournament was set up as a double-elimination, round-robin format leading up to a championship round, Mother Nature had other ideas.

“Unfortunately, this year we weren’t able to finish the tournament because a rain storm turned into a hail storm and we all had to get out of there,” Ramsey said.

He said the tournament was nearly complete when the sky opened up.

“We were in the middle of a match that was going to decide who moved onto the championship round between us and another team when the hail and the lightning started,” Ramsey said.

There were just three matches that needed to be completed before a champion was crowned.

Despite not being able to finish the tournament, he said that his team had a great time, and that they are anxious to return to the event next year.

“We absolutely had a great time out there,” Ramsey said. “It’s a fantastic event and I intend to keep doing it for years to come.”