Fuller Lodge to ignite with music, dance

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By Kirsten Laskey

The venue for Los Alamos Arts Council’s Brown Bag series may be Fuller Lodge but audience members might feel transported to the United Kingdom. The Los Alamos branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society will perform dances, Vicky Hypes of Belisama School of Irish Dance will take to the floor and The Roaring Jelly, the local Celtic band, will play some old-timey tunes.


The show, “Triple Blast for the Senses,” will be held at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Fuller Lodge.

Eileen Green, teacher and member of the local branch of Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, said the Brown Bag will be a celebratory event because the local Scottish dancing group will have its 25th anniversary this year.

 “It’s nice to share with this community what this art form looks like,” Green said. The organization performs ancient Scottish ballroom dances.

She described the dancing as non-competitive, social dancing. Athleticism is not required, Green added.

“Anyone strong enough to skip can do it,” she said.

Irish dancing, she continued, involves more solo dancing, competition and athletic ability.

For instance, Hypes has danced competitively throughout the U.S. and Europe and received numerous awards, including the CRN National Champion in Philadelphia last February.

The Scottish dancers and the Roaring Jelly band have performed together in the past.

Green said the band is made up of very skilled, competent musicians.

“We’re looking forward to sharing the merry art form with the community (which) might not otherwise know about it,” she said.

Bette Korber of Roaring Jelly said while the Scottish dancers are on the floor, the band will perform Scottish music before branching out into old-timey tunes and Irish music. It is the first time the band has appeared in a Brown Bag show and “they’re really looking forward to it,” she said.