Fuller Lodge to get transformer

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This weekend, Fuller Lodge,  the Community Building and Ashley Pond Park will be without electricity as county crews begin the first phase of major improvements planned for Fuller Lodge over the summer. The Fuller Lodge Art Center, however, will remain open despite the lack of power.

Department of Public Utilities and Facilities crews will install a new transformer on the Fuller Lodge grounds to correct a long-standing problem with the main power feed to the building.  

Typically, the primary electrical service should be connected to one side of the transformer and the secondary for the building’s power is fed from the secondary side.

In the case of Fuller Lodge, the secondary feed actually originates from the secondary side of a transformer located at the Community Building across the street.

This secondary side also feeds the Community Building itself, the Christmas lights in the trees, the pumps in Ashley Pond and several streetlights. 

This project will remove a major power feed from the Community Building and redirect it properly to Fuller Lodge, improving its reliability and safety, according to county officials.