Friends of Shelter releases calendar

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Are you looking for a wonderful present for yourself or to use as a gift or a stocking stuffer?  The Friends of the Shelter 2014 weekly day timer calendar features photos and heartwarming stories of locally adopted or rescued cats and dogs.   

The cover pinup is a reddish blonde dog named Remy that lives with a family in Los Alamos.  One hundred percent of the proceeds are used to support the activities of FOS. The calendar is for sale at Animal Clinic of Los Alamos, Pet Pangaea, Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital and CB Fox.  

There will be a table at the Arts and Crafts Fair on Nov. 23 at the Crossroads Church.

Friends of the Shelter, a humane organization based in Los Alamos, is trying to improve the quality of life for unwanted pets and find homes for homeless animals.  We work closely with the Los Alamos County Animal Shelter, with local veterinarians, and with other humane societies.  FOS sponsors four major activities:  1) a program to pay for medical expenses or spay/neuter operations for homeless animals; 2) an active adoption program to place animals in good homes; 3) a volunteer shelter program; and 4) an education program to promote responsible pet ownership.

Friends of the Shelter funds two special programs.  The Catastrophic Illness/Injury program provides funds for veterinary treatment of severely ill or injured pets whose owners cannot afford extensive treatment.  The second program provides vouchers for free or low cost spay/neutering of pets, in order to encourage pet owners to make sure that their pets are surgically altered and cannot produce litters of unwanted cats or dogs. 

The shelter would like to thank all the people who submitted photos and stories about their pets and also the businesses that are carrying the calendars for sale.

For help getting a calendar call Lara at 412-9747.