Free books for students who sign up for class

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By Special to the Monitor

Best Selling Author Tom Bird is offering free downloads of his book, “You Were Born to Write,” to the general public.
Anyone who enrolls in his writing class at UNM Continuing Education, will also receive a free copy of his book, “You Were Born to Publish,” as well as a copy of his subliminal CD, which offers help on removing writer’s block.
Bird is the author of 21 books. He has also made over 3,800 appearances at colleges and universities sharing his Tom Bird Method of Writing and Publishing.
The class, “Everything You Need to Know to Write Your Book and Get It Published in a Week,” covers tips on how you can write your book in five days or less and everything you need to know about how to get your book published and distributed worldwide.
The class, offered through UNM Continuing Education, starts on Jan. 28 and runs through Jan. 29.
For more information, contact Marie McGhee at 505- 277-6320 or mmcghee@unm.edu or visit dce.unm.edu.